Retail Cleaning

Retail Cleaning

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Complete Antibacterial Cleaning of Bathrooms
Sweeping, Mopping, and Vacuuming of All Areas
Complete Antibacterial Cleaning of Kitchenette (If Applicable)
Dusting of Waiting Area, Including Mirrors, Tables, and Chairs (If Applicable)
Full Cleaning of Windows (Areas Within Reach)
Trash Removal and Recycling
Antibacterial Cleaning and Disinfection of Hallways, Railings, and Stairs
Carpet Cleaning and Floor Polishing
Retail Cleaning

  • Complete Dusting and Antibacterial Cleaning of Communal Areas (E.g. Reception, Check-Out Counter, and Shelves) 
  • Full Detailing of All Mirrors, Frames, and Fixtures
  • Complete Antibacterial Cleaning of Bathrooms
  • Full Sweeping and Mopping 
  • Trash Removal and Bag Replacement
  • Cleaning of Outdoor Windows (Areas Within Reach) and Doorways (As Needed)

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